Located at the heart of the main production areas in Northern France...

…Verpom has been collecting and packaging potatoes, produced together with farmers from all over France, for over 25 years now, making Verpom a major player in the French market as well as the export market.

Verpom specializes in:

  • the French market
  • exporting potatoes and onions to Southern, Eastern and Northern Europe, the Middle East and Africa
  • importing early potatoes from countries such as Spain, Israel, Portugal, Italy and so on…
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  • At Verpom, we export our potatoes to the following destinations, packaged as requested by our customers: Germany, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Spain, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Romania, the UK, Russia, Africa, and the UAE...
  • By exporting a large part of our potatoes and onions packaged in various formats, Verpom has become a major player on the export market. However, we are also very present on the import market to meet the demand of our customers and greengrocers for early potatoes.

Commitments to our clients

  • IFS-certified: Verpom has a serious approach to quality
  • A complete range of potatoes guaranteed all year-round
  • 50,000 tonnes of ‘Palox’ storage space at regulated temperatures
  • Food safety guaranteed: production-to-market traceability
  • Respect for the environment with Global G.A.P. certification