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I Connected Together With Buddy. Should I Apologize?

Reader Question:

I have enjoyed this person since September. We hooked up when on a random evening but continued speaking.

We partied with him with his closest friend who I ended up setting up with due to the fact guy i love had been performing very cold. Now I am killing myself personally thinking we destroyed everything.

Should I apologize?

-Chanel (Calgary)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Solution:

Dear Chanel,

Darling woman, you cannot get back a hookup!

Women may believe the intimate double standard (one that gives guys points for intimate knowledge and honors women demerit things) has-been totally erased.

But Im here to inform you it has just been erased for the heads of females.

Many guys still believe some women are advantageous to making love with yet others are good in order to have as a gf.

Having sex with him on a random night had not been the way to show to pick up cougars you are gf product.

And having sex together with best friend killed any possibility you may possibly have had.

Imagine it this way: might you be into him if he partied with you along with your companion and ended up setting up with her?

Lady, the next time, go slow. Act how you want him to react.

Guys you should not belong really love through sex. They fall in love through trust. And so they never trust a lady that is easy.

Sigh, feminism didn’t reprogram the thoughts of men.

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